Jumping for joy

Celebrating life


We celebrated our 28 year friendship with a photoshoot on the beach at Hoek Van Holland earlier this year.

Friends with who I celebrate life, share tears of laughter, joy and also sadness. What ever happens, we are there for eachother. A really special feeling. Am greatful to have these dear friends in my life.

Photoshoot by Een Hoffelijke Dag Fotograaf

Afterwards we enjoyed drinks and a fantastic dinner at Strandclub Zwoel – Hoek Van Holland



Mans Zelmerlöw IN CONCERT – April 19 2017 – Melkweg – Amsterdam

After his Eurovision 2015 win in Vienna Mans Zelmerlöw toured through Europe with his HEROES Tour 2015. His 2nd stop of that tour was Paradiso in Amsterdam on Sept 25th 2015. Mans Zelmerlöw in concert - Sept 25 2015 - Paradiso - AmsterdamAnd what a reception he got from the Dutch audience. It brought tears to his eyes, and I know, because I was there and I even have the photos to prove it.





The atmosphere was incredible that night.


And now Mans was back!

2017Mans Zelmerlöw in concert - April 19 2017- Melkweg - Amsterdam

This time it was the premiere of his CHAMELEON Europe Tour 2017. This tour he kicked off in Amsterdam in the Melkweg. During the opening song Mans referred to his 2015 Amsterdam concert as one of the best shows of his 2015 tour. He was glad to be back. Afterwards he also posted on Instagram how much he had missed doing concerts.

Mans and his band started off with a set of up-tempo tracks which they followed up with some songs with acoustic guitars and some ballads. The setlist contained songs from his latest album CHAMELEON and of his previous albums like PERFECTLY DAMAGED. A great mix of ‘old’ and new. Mans Zelmerlöw in concert - April 19 2017 - Melkweg - Amsterdam

Mans Zelmerlöw in concert - April 19 2017 - Melkweg - Amsterdam

Mans Zelmerlöw in concert - April 19 2017 - Melkweg - Amsterdam

Mans Zelmerlöw in concert - April 19 2017 - Melkweg - Amsterdam

Mans Zelmerlöw in concert - April 19 2017 - Melkweg - Amsterdam

Mans Zelmerlöw in concert - April 19 2017 - Melkweg - Amsterdam

Mans Zelmerlöw in concert - April 19 2017 - Melkweg - Amsterdam

Mans Zelmerlöw in concert - April 19 2017 - Melkweg - Amsterdam

Mans Zelmerlöw in concert - April 19 2017 - Melkweg - Amsterdam

Mans Zelmerlöw in concert - April 19 2017 - Melkweg - Amsterdam

Mans Zelmerlöw in concert - April 19 2017 - Melkweg - Amsterdam

As encores Mans and his band gave us 2 fantastic songs. His big Eurovision and worldwide hit Heroes and as 2nd encore, a really special one, an a capella version of Beautiful Lie.

Mans Zelmerlöw in concert - April 19 2017 - Melkweg - Amsterdam

The audience loved it and so did Mans and his band, it shows.

Mans Zelmerlöw in concert - April 19 2017 - Melkweg - Amsterdam

Another great performance by Mans Zelmerlöw and his band. And a great start of his new tour. I hope he’ll be back for another concert in The Netherlands soon!

Europe, you’re in for a treat. If you haven’t bought your ticket yet, do it now. If you’re in for a night of great music you will love it.

Check Mans Zelmerlöw’s site for all dates and places and links for tickets.

Tour dates and places Mans Zelmerlöw

All photos are mine. So please give credit if you want to repost them. My IG acc is its_me_gea and my Twitter acc is @gealingeman

Speel jij SAXOFOON? En wil je leren improviseren? Dan is de workshop ‘SAXOFOON IMPROVISATIE’ misschien wat voor jou!

Music is what feelings sound like‘.

Dit vind ik een mooie omschrijving van muziek. En zelf een muziekinstrument bespelen, je gevoelens erin uiten, je lekker uitleven, iedere muzikant geniet daar toch van.

Speel jij saxofoon? En wil je meer leren over improviseren met je saxofoon, dan is deze workshop misschien iets voor jou!

A.s. vrijdag 17 februari organiseert X-Groove Stage Arts in Buurtcentrum Weidewereld in Vleuten de workshop ‘SAXOFOON IMPROVISATIE’. 

Tijdens de workshop leer je de basis van het improviseren met je saxofoon. Zo haal je nog meer plezier uit het maken van muziek en het spelen op je saxofoon.


Deze workshop wordt georganiseerd door X-Groove Stage Arts. Wie zijn dat?

Waar de muziekschool ophoudt, gaat X-Groove Stage Arts verder.

X-Groove Stage Arts is een muziekplatform waar jij je als muzikant verder kunt ontwikkelen. Dit gebeurt onder professionele begeleiding van ervaren docenten. Onafhankelijk van jouw niveau leer je de fijne kneepjes van het bespelen van je eigen instrument, alleen of samen met andere muzikanten.

X-Groove Stage Arts geeft diverse leuke workshops waarbij jij jouw vaardigheden verbetert. Van beginner tot gevorderde, iedereen kan bij ons terecht. Zelfs als je niet noten kan lezen, kan je wel starten met het maken van muziek .



Vrijdag 17 februari a.s. van 19.00-22.00 uur

Buurtcentrum Weide Wereld

Teunisbloemlaan 48, Vleuten

Kosten: 37,50 Euro

Wil je meer informatie over de workshop of/en wil je je inschrijven, dat kan hier: Workshop Saxofoon Improvisatie

foto van X-Groove Stage Arts.X-Groove Stage Arts organiseert naast ‘SAXOFOON IMPROVISATIE’ nog meer muzikale workshops. Speel je nog andere instrumenten of denk je eraan om een instrument te gaan bespelen, kijk dan ook eens naar de andere workshops die X-Groove Stage Arts aanbiedt www.xgroove-stagearts.nl/workshops


X-Groove Stage Arts is een initiatief van X-Groove Factory.

X-Groove Factory Facebookpagina


Dinah Nah, Saturday Feb 4th in SEMI 1 of Swedish Melodifestivalen 2017!

This Saturday Feb4th Swedish National Selection for Eurovision Song Contest 2017, Melodifestivalen 2017, kicks off in Göteborg!

One of the artists of SEMI 1 is Dinah Nah. Her song is called ‘One More Night’ and is a uptempo song and she’s joined on stage by several fab female dancers.


Photocredit SVT

Today it was time for the first stage rehearsals in Scandinavium in Göteborg. The press has seen the rehearsal and heard the song. You can read all about and see photos of todays rehearsals on SVT’s site here www.svt.se/melodifestivalen

And today at 14.30 o’clock they’ve uploaded a 1 minute snippet of the studio version of all the SEMI 1 songs. Here you can listen to them 1 minute snippets of studio version of all 7 SEMI 1 songs

I know Dinah Nah has a great voice and a great stage presence. I’ve seen her perform live at RixFM Festival in Aug 2015 in Linköping. And also had the pleasure to meet her backstage. A very sweet lady.



(All my photos)

Good luck and enjoy it all Dinah Nah! Will be watching online!

We’ve adopted a dog! Tales of our family’s first dog ‘MUSKEY’ (part1)

Muskey is our 6th family member. Yes, she is.


Foto van Dierenopvang Koningen, Balkbrug

We adopted her about 2 weeks ago from a shelter, Dierenopvang Koningen, here in The Netherlands. If you would’ve asked me a few months ago if we would ever have a dog or cat, I would’ve said no. It simply wasn’t something for our family  I thought. (Whispering) How wrong was I! (Big smile)

She’s stolen my heart and all our hearts and she’s simply a part of our family now.

Muskey grew up in Spain. Lived on the streets. Was taken in by an English gentleman for a while and then came to the Dutch shelter called ‘Dierenopvang Koningen’ in Balkbrug. They’ve estimated that she’s about 7 years old. She was a bit overweight so she needs to lose some weight. This girl LOVES to take long walks. And she loves to cuddle as well. She really is such a gentle, calm and loving sweetheart. Even tho she’s lived on the streets, she’s gentle and kind to both people and other dogs.

Last Saturday we drove with our whole family to the shelter to meet Muskey. Previously 2 of our family members had seen her and walked with her. Now we all wanted to meet her and feel if she would fit in with our family.

A Saturday is always a busy day at the shelter. We were greeted by really kind ladies who brought Muskey from the back to us. First impressions say a lot, don’t they. Well, Muskey came in the room, calmly walking towards us, wagging her tail, greeting us all one by one and letting us cuddle her. With the leash on we went out for a short trial walk. Not pulling at all. We all enjoyed the walk. Back at the reception we shortly discussed what we would do and… we decided as a family to adopt Muskey right that moment. And we could take her home with us right away!

Trip back home, Muskey bit anxious in the back of the car. We all excited. Our first dog.

And as she walked in the door, she immediately felt at home 🙂

We took Muskey home on a Saturday and she’s been here for almost 2 weeks now. We’re all getting to know eachother. We have a full house with 5 people and a dog. But it seems that she likes it when we’re all around and especially she likes to walk a lot. And she prefers it when we all go together. She’s howling for us to gather around when 2 or 3 of us are putting on our coats. It’s so cute to hear. She’s used to live in a pack so I guess a family of 5 (now 6) is her pack now. Or I should better say, she’s part of our pack now. It’s our first dog but I’ve seen enough tv shows about dogs (like Cesar) that I know that WE must be the pack leader to her. And I can say, thus far that’s really going well. She definately sees me as her leader.

Here are some shots of her 1st 2 weeks as part of our family.


We already love her so much and she’s simply part of our family now.

If you want to know more about the shelter, this is their site Dierenopvang Koningen

Swedish Melodifestivalen 2017 is about to start! Sweden will chose who will represent them in Kiev at Eurovision Song Contest 2017!

Will you come join in the pre-Eurovision buzz about the Swedish National Selection, called Swedish Melodifestivalen? 


All artists competing in Swedish Melodifestivalen 2017 (Photocredit SVT)

It has already started with the Press Conference in November announcing the competing artists and the 1st SEMI is this Saturday Feb 4!

All around Europe the National Selections for Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kiev are on their way. In Sweden the National Selection is called ‘Melodifestivalen’ and it’s spread over 4 Semi Finals, an Andra Chansen round and the big Final. And then, on March 11 we’ll know who will represent Sweden at this years Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

Last year Frans represented Sweden with his song ‘If I Were Sorry’. And some of the previous artists who represented Sweden are Mans Zelmerlöw (he won with ‘Heroes’ in Vienna in 2015), Sanna Nielson (2014), Robin Stjernberg (2013) and Loreen won for Sweden with ‘Euphoria’ in 2012!

On Saturday Feb 4th Swedish Melodifestivalen will kick off in Göteborg with SEMI 1. SEMI 2, 3 and 4 are on the following Saturdays, which are  Feb 11 Malmö, Feb 18 Växjö and Feb 25 Skelleftea.


All competing artists of SEMI 1, Feb 4 (Photocredit SVT)

In each SEMI 7 artists/groups are fighting for 2 tickets to the FINAL on March 11 in Stockholm and for 2 runner-up tickets to Andra Chansen on March 4 in Linköping. From the Andra Chansen round again 4 acts will qualify for the FINAL in Stockholm the week after. And on March 11 Sweden will vote in that big FINAL for their representative for Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kiev.

For me Swedish Melodifestivalen is kind of a pre-Eurovision before the real Eurovision is held. It’s because Sweden really creates 6 fantastic Saturday night shows with incredible performances, stage design, artists and songs. They also create a real buzz and a lot of other activities around the Melodifestivalen. For 6 weeks Sweden IS Melodifestivalen (some also call it Melfest).

And the buzz already starts in November with the Press Conference announcing all artists and songtitles of this years Melodifestivalen. From then on we can follow the artists rehearsals online (they all post sneaky pictures on Instagram of their rehearsals). We can read many interviews. And during the week leading up to the Saturday nights SEMI/Andra Chansen/FINAL, SVT (Swedish tv station) uploads a lot of sneak previews of the songs, descriptions of the performance, lyrics, rehearsal snippets, footage of the welcome party of the competing artists and so  much more.

And everything put together it makes Melodifestivalen the most watched show on Swedish television each year! They sure know how to make their National Selection a cracker of a show for all ages.

And as you know Sweden won the Eurovision Song Contest twice in the last 5 years. Both winners became big international hits I might add.

It could be fun for you to watch this years Swedish Melodifestivalen too! And you can! SVT streams all 6 show internationally on SVT PLAY. It’s available worldwide! So you won’t have to miss one bit!


DINAH NAH – ‘One More Night’

My personal favorite artist in SEMI 1 is Dinah Nah. Her song is called ‘One More Night’ and I can’t wait to hear the 1min preview snippet which SVT will post on the Melodifestivalen site next week!


(Photocredit SVT)

Everything about Dinah Nah will be posted on her artist page. Here you can already watch her interview at the Press Conference in November 2016. Artist page Dinah Nah

The other artists competing in SEMI 1 are: Boris René, Adrijana, De Vet Du, Charlotte Perrelli, Ace Wilder and Nano.

Here’s the link to the SVT Melodifestivalen site www.svt.se/melodifestivalen so you can follow everything and anything about this years Swedish National Selection.

Yes, it’s in Swedish but you can simply get it translated to English ofc.

The next Saturdays and weeks will be all about enjoying this years Swedish Melodifestivalen! Come join ‘us’ and let me know which of the artists is your favorite this year. If you have Twitter, than come join us there too! Each year Melodifestivalen is widely spread, talked about, critisized and shared on Twitter. It’s fun! My Twitter account is @gealingeman. See you there!


X-Groove Festival 2017 komt er weer aan! Hou 16 en 17 september vrij!

Afgelopen september, op 17 en 18 september j.l., werd de 1e editie van het X-Groove Festival gehouden in het Maximapark in Vleuten. Een muziek- en dansfestival voor jong en oud voor de regio Utrecht, Leidsche Rijn, Vleuten, De Meern. En het gaat een vervolg krijgen! Geweldig!

X-Groove Festival wordt georganiseerd door X-Groove Factory.

Diverse lokale dans-, zang- en DJ-talenten traden afgelopen zomer op tijdens de eerste editie van het X-Groove Festival.


Wat een line-up was dat voor de 1e editie van X-Groove Festival!

En op de zaterdagavond stond zelfs OGENE op het podium en gaf een fantastisch optreden voor een volledig vol festivalterrein. En zoals jullie misschien weten zal OGENE dit jaar Nederland gaan vertegenwoordigen tijdens het Eurovisie Song Festival in Kiev! Geweldig dat ze afgelopen zomer al op het X-Groove Festival stonden!

Houd dit jaar 16 en 17 september alvast vrij voor de 2e editie van X-Groove Festival!

X-Groove Factory was afgelopen 23 december aanwezig tijdens de FINALE van de bandwedstrijd ‘Grote Prijs van Leidsche Rijn 2016’ in Azotod in De Meern. En tijdens de korte pauze tussen de 6 bands, die daar streden om de prijzen, kondigden ze aan dat de 2e editie eraan zit te komen. EN dat de winnaars van de juryprijs en de publieksprijs zullen optreden op het komende X-Groove Festival! Dus 2 namen van het festival zijn nu al bekend!

‘Walking on the eggs’, de winnaar van de publieksprijs en ‘Electric Memories’, de winnaar van de juryprijs van de ‘Grote Prijs van Leidsche Rijn 2016’, zullen dus a.s. september optreden in het Maximapark in Vleuten! 

Ik was zelf bij de FINALE van de ‘Grote Prijs’ aanwezig, heb beide bands zien optreden en ik kan zeggen dat we kunnen uitkijken naar 2 geweldige, energieke optredens! Allebei hebben ze een geheel eigen stijl. Leuk die variatie.

Hierbij een impressie van ‘Electric Memories’ en ‘Walking on the eggs’ on stage afgelopen 23 dec. Uiteraard is dit maar beeld, wacht maar tot je ze hoort spelen!


Electric Memories





Blijf op de hoogte van alles wat betreft het X-Groove Festival, en de andere activiteiten die ze organiseren, en LIKE de X-Groove Factory Fbpag: X-Groove Factory Fbpag, check hun website www.xgroove-stagearts.nl en volg ze ook op Instagram en Twitter!

Ik kijk in ieder geval al erg uit naar september!

Noteer! X-Groove Festival: 16 en 17 september 2017